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Context by Eric Parry

brainby Chloe Spiby Loh | 24 August 2015

The latest edition to the AD Primer series comes in the form of Eric Parry’s contemplation on ‘Context’; a gathering of his personal preoccupations on specific locations and projects from a lifetime teaching, travelling and practicing. Read more…

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Tianjin in perspective

explosionby Austin Williams | 19 August 2015

Disasters on the scale of (this) tragic explosion … tend to provoke a brief wave of statements that such things must never happen again. Read more…

Playing Rough

AssembleHollerReview by Matt Bloomfield | 01 August 2015

This summer in London has seen the opening of two exhibitions, both set against a backdrop of brutalism and with a pronounced vein of playfulness. The RIBA Gallery is currently occupied by The Brutalist Playground, an interactive installation created by architecture and design collective du jour- Assemble, in collaboration with artist Simon Terrill. Meanwhile, the Hayward Gallery on the Southbank has staged Decision, its latest blockbuster exhibition, with Belgian entomologist turned artist, Carsten Höller. Read more…

A Tale of Two Cities

two cities

by Rozie Saunders | 10 July 2015

Are soaring property prices that push young Londoners out of their city, simply a price for London’s global success? Read more…

The dangers of ‘resilience’

survivalMaja Schwoerer | 22 June 2015

Maja Schwoerer reports on the Future Cities Salon debate at the Building Centre in London. Read more…

White City Black City: Tel Aviv and Jaffa

tel aviv jaffaRozie Saunders | 20 May 2015

Sharon Rotbard’s “White City Black City: Architecture and War in Tel Aviv and Jaffa”  is much more than just an architectural history of Tel Aviv and Jaffa. Read more…

In defence of a Defence of Stars and Icons

zaha2Austin Williams | 20 April 2015

It is a sad indictment of current architectural debate (as well as critical political debate more generally) that Patrik Schumacher’s latest article is creating such a fuss. Read more…