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We are a group of architects, designers, planners, artists and creatives brought together in the aftermath of the European referendum.

BREXIT has created profound uncertainty, that much it true. The questions is: do we see it as a moment of crisis or of opportunity? Read more…

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Member_States_of_the_European_Union_(polar_stereographic_projection)_EN.svgBrexit is is not a triumphalist moment but one for constructing a better future Read more…

Church on the Beach

sketch 1Austin Williams | 7 April 2016

From Nantes to Naples, Bruge to Budapest, many key European cities have churches at their centre. Regardless of denomination, the centrality of these churches has tended to convey a certain historic gravitas Read more…

Home is where the Art is

beaumont estby Pierre Shaw | 2 March 2016
‘Re:Home’ is Cressida Brown’s revisit and revision to her 2006 play, ‘Home’ Read more…

Libraries are for reading not knitting

LibraryBy Elisabetta Gasparoni | 23 February 2016

The Carnegie Trust has created four databases to showcase library-run projects that contribute to public wellbeing Read more…

Wang Shu. Who?

literatiWang Shu burst onto the world’s stage with two projects that caught the media’s attention and lined him up for the awards and citations that have made him a household name … in architects’ houses, at least.  Read more…

The Great Mall of China

derelict shoppingHow Shopping And Socialism Has Inverted The City.
- by Nick Jewell —

After three and a half decades of double-digit growth, China finally appears to be slowing Read more…