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3-d Printed houses?


In February 2015, The Washington Post announced that “a team of Chinese construction workers used a 3D printer to construct houses. By day’s end, there were 10 (houses) standing.” Meanwhile, UK newspaper The Guardian reported “A Chinese construction company is building houses that can be mass-produced using a 3D printer.”

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The Evolution of a Modern Man

CRMMatt Bloomfield | 17 March 2015

Review of Mackintosh Architecture, The Architecture Gallery, RIBA

Conveniently coinciding with Prince Charles’ latest foray into Architecture, the RIBA’s Mackintosh Architecture exhibition Read more…

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House: The Dematerialized Home

sqm-quantified-homeNicolò Lewanski | 17 February 2015

It is not so often we have the chance to attend a debate where every speaker is precise. Read more…

The Art of Memory

Modiano2Jane Sandeman | 02 February 2015

Review of ‘Suspended Sentences’ by Patrick Modiano

“A Marcel Proust of our time” was how the Nobel Academy described Patrick Modiano, the French novelist Read more…

Film Review ‘The Big City’

ray-portraitMartin Earnshaw | 25 January 2015

The Big City (1963), directed by Satyajit Ray, is essentially a story of modernity. The superb opening scene traces Read more…

The fatuous infatuation with well-being

WellbeingFurther to a TES article “Schools should appoint heads of well-being, charity says“, I tracked back the report being cited… then the citation Read more…

Film Review: ‘City Visions’ #6

the_airstrip3Matthew Bloomfield | 7 January 2015

The Airstrip: Decampment of Modernism, Part III. Dir. Heinz Emigholz, 2014

Heinz Emigholz’s ongoing meditation on architecture continues Read more…

Film Review: ‘Precise Poetry’


Louise Bjørnskov Schmidt | 05 January 2015

“I’m an architect! I can’t go through walls! I’m not a witch! All I can do with walls is break them down.” This quote by Lina Bo Bardi is not to be understood literally; Read more…

Review: ‘Constructing Worlds’

Constructing worlds

Felicity Barbur | 02 January 2015

Presenting Constructing Worlds: Photography and Architecture in the Modern Age at the Barbican in London always seemed likely to prove a good choice of venue. Read more…

Critical Subjects

white on redHigher education is in crisis. This summer sees the launch of Critical Subjects, a new architectural Summer School placing the pursuit of knowledge and critical thinking at the core of education. Read more…