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Book Bites: Paul Morland’s “The Human Tide”

Once the Malthusian link is broken and enough food and liberating technology is available, progress begins to feed through to the general population.

Book Bites: Mark O’Connell’s “To Be A Machine”

Some of these futurists have taken Enlightenment reasoning and twisted it to a quasi-religious adherence to a technological future… as redemption. Distorted in a post human mind-set which condemns humans to be inferior, presented as a kind of system failure or flaw that only technological superiority can correct.

A Declaration you MUST sign… or else!

One of the key climate protest organisations recently revealed that “Populations covered by jurisdictions that have declared a climate emergency amount to 141 million citizens, with 43 million of these living in the United Kingdom.

Book Bites: Jing-Jing Lee’s “How We Disappeared”

Described by Xinran as a “brilliant, heart-breaking story”, this is indeed a well-crafted, harrowing tale that interweaves a modern narrative with the war years.

Milton’s Paradise Regained

If we are to build a new city, then Milton Keynes represents the experiential cornerstone. It symbolises the kind of bold, creative masterplanning that we desperately need but haven’t seen the like of since those crazy days of the 1960s.

Home and Huawei: 5G tech and international security

This is a call-to-arms to America’s allies in a shifting geopolitical world in an attempt to instil some loyalty and solidarity.