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Blade Runner’s Retro Futures

by Dr. H J McCracken | 14 Oct 2017

We are now only two years from the dateline of the original Blade Runner. Ray Bradbury’s melancholic future of Martian settlement and abandonment, The Martian Chronicles, has since long passed Read more…

Book Review: After Europe by Ivan Krastev

by Tony Pierce | 8th September 2017

Ivan Krastev is a respected, left-wing intellectual and professor at Sofia University. He has written several pithy books, mainly about democracy. His commentaries are insightful, with colourful details and images enlivening his academic prose. His style is to spin out searching questions, ideas, observations and facts, as a cocktail mixed with his own opinions and conclusions in a take-it or leave-it way.  And it has to be said that while the basic mix is definitely worth the taking, his proposals are often best left, as his latest book confirms. Read more…

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Book Review: The New Philistines by Sohrab Ahmari

by Joel Mills | 1st August 2017

The new philistinesAhmari packs his polemic with a pistol in his pocket, gunning for what he perceives as the art world’s ‘obsession with identity politics’ Read more…

The middle-class home

1830_Geffrye Museum.A drawing room in 1830.Photo by Chris Ridley.jpg.jpgCompared to the many stories recorded about the British aristocracy or the Dickensian working class in London, there is still very little known about the capital’s middle classes and their domestic lives. Read more…

Book Review: The Road to Somewhere by David Goodhart

By Justine Brian | 03 June 2017

The Road to Somewhere‘The Road to Somewhere’ is a sometimes brilliant, but ultimately frustrating and flawed, attempt to understand contemporary Western politics, Read more…

Book Review: The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt

by Martin Earnshaw | 02 April 2017

The Righteous MindAfter the election of Donald Trump last year protesters chanted that he was “not my president”. Hyperbolic rhetoric is the prerogative of the protester but for years now it has seemed that the USA is not one but two countries.

Read more…

Design Museum Design

design-museum-05by Sam Giles | 27 November 2016

Author to over 50 books, founder of Habitat, leader of the Shad Thames redevelopment, influential restauranteur and prolific designer, there is much to laud in Sir Terence Conran’s contributions to London’s dominant cultural scene. Read more…

A Chinese Utopia?

shenzhen4Review  by Pierre Shaw  [ Oct 2016]

Shenzhen is the city of miraculous conception, born from nothing and yet emerging now as one of the planet’s most ferociously rapid urban developing city. From humble border town beginnings just 35 years ago, Shenzhen has thrown itself onto the world stage projecting its population from 300,000 to 12 – 15 million Read more…