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Biennale, tree finale

Designers who think they should “educate” the public are sorely mistaken. Designers must meet the public as active participants.

The Elite Power of the Greens

“Vulnerable” countries have been screwed by supra-national bodies like the IMF and World Bank for decades. They are about to get screwed again by the same people, but this time in the name of saving the planet.

Croydon in Crisis

Croydon’s £120million bail-out for its development cock-up is the largest financial settlement for a local authority in UK history. Such an exceptional settlement means that services will close

No Jab, No Job?

“It’s best to support staff to get the vaccine without making it a requirement” but the employer is also directed to “the organisation’s disciplinary policy”.

Prisoners of Cladding

One of the unintended consequences of the Grenfell tragedy is the threat of penury or bankruptcy for leaseholders at the other end of the country.


Drakeford has undoubtedly benefited from the misconception that Wales’ social care meltdown is the result of central government policies rather than its own mismanagement.

Thoughts on Biden’s Inauguration speech

The American dream, opportunity, prosperity, liberty, justice, community, unity, hope – have little reality today. But that doesn’t matter. They are mere symbols, signifiers without signified.

The Coming of Neo-Feudalism, by Joel Kotkin

A new priesthood of power based on scientific expertise seeks to replace bourgeois values of self-determination, family, community and nation with ‘progressive’ ideas: globalisation, sustainability, redefined gender roles and the authority of experts.

The Queen’s Gambit

Chess players, mathematicians, physicists, scientists, etc are not automatons; mechanical, calculating machines devoid of any creativity but in fact, they are supremely alert to creative possibilities.

The myth of Britain’s racist universities

Today’s approach to to racial equality in eduction, grounded in Critical Race Theory, promotes division, shuts down debate, and ignores real drivers of inequality.

Samuel Paty, 1973-2020

This is a short statement in memory of Samuel Paty, the teacher who was brutally murdered on the outskirts of Paris on 16 October 2020.

Getting one over Parr

Martin Parr may not be your very British cup-of-tea but he surely doesn’t deserve to be the subject of a campaign that has led to his abject apology and resignation.