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Home and Huawei: 5G tech and international security

This is a call-to-arms to America’s allies in a shifting geopolitical world in an attempt to instil some loyalty and solidarity.

Extinction Rebellion – the new Millenarian Cult

Shouting: “The End of the World is Nigh” used to be the preserve of eccentric elderly doomsayers with sandwich-boards. Cue David Attenborough. But it is depressing that so many young people have accepted the baseless assertion.

Book Bites: Peter Magyar’s Pen Zen Diaries

At its simplest, this book will teach you to draw and to learn from the process; with simple line studies and ink renderings. “Architects,” he says, “should aspire to reflect and invent the best of the present, and weigh its value in the future”.

Book Bites: Sennett’s ‘Building and Dwelling’

Anyone who thinks about the City and its relationship to people, should be interested in this book. It is complex in the same way that a city and its relationships to people is complex.

Library today, gone tomorrow

Situated on the south-western edge of Changsha city, alongside the Xiangjiang river is The Fragrant Golden Fields Estate that seemed to derive its name from its location near the ecologically-protected riverside walk

In China, you WILL be good

For 70 years, China has monitored society’s actions, it’s just that now it is considerably more technically proficient in doing so.