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China’s Middle Eastern Meddling

China’s isolation from the real world for much of the 20th century’s post-war period has meant that, in reality, it is rather unworldly.

Twenty’s Plenty… For You

20mph. Just because it merited a sentence in an election manifesto, doesn’t mean that it’s not draconian.

Drakeford: exitus sinistram

It was his management of the various Covid-19 lockdowns that earned him the sobriquet, Kim Jong-Drakeford

Developing a complex issue

While the Chinese state promotes self-sufficiency, there is a potential for the people to take it too literally.

The Dangers of Safety

The official response to Grenfell ensures that risk-aversion will forever more play a central role in the construction industry.

The Decay of Democracy

The Houses of Parliament needs fixing, but first you need to be clear about its foundations.

Milano. Environment yes.

It’s a remarkable sleight of hand that portrays design magazines, editors and contributors, who are fully embedded on the inside, as radical outsiders.

The Public? Remember them?

Architects have lost all contact with the very people – the public – that they fantasise about representing.

Activists in the classroom

Third Party advisors are putting students and tutors in an invidious position, compelling both to recite the ‘acceptable’ narrative, rather than explore education openly.

Stay home, Don’t move, Save lives!

Chief Medical Officer, Sir Chris Whitty is senior advisor to the government’s “walking, wheeling and cycling” Active Travel strategy.

Companies’ Proper Gander into Design Education

The Design Council’s virtue-signalling provides a good illustration of the capture of craftsmanship by the fad for sustainable goals.

Thou Shalt Not Drive…

Seldom have our local representatives been more authoritarian; implementing road closures in the dead of night. And famously ignoring the results of public consultations.