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Book Bites: “One Hundred Years of Identity Crisis” by Frank Furedi

Aristotle identified the problems of adolescence in Ancient Greece and their difficulty transitioning to adulthood, so there is something universal but also unique about the present era.

Not much COP

If it really is one minute to midnight, then we really are in trouble because COP26 has achieved absolutely nothing… except contributing to the problem of C02 emissions.


We, the self-appointed, unelected mob of right-thinking people who speak on behalf of the majority, demand:

Flutkatastrophe: A Report on the German Floods

Information came through that the early warning system in the region had completely failed. A shocked public had to learn that most of the deaths could well have been prevented.

Vaccine Passports in Poker?

Poker players are used to having to show their cards. But now, to get into the biggest poker tournament in the world, they will have to reveal their Covid vaccination status too

Mobility matters: community ideals for a feudal society

Basic choice is being undermined. Not only is our choice of transport mode being proscribed, but whether we should actually make the journey in the first place is being questioned.

The birth of the Chinese Communist Party

In 1919, demonstrators held aloft placards appealing to Mr Science and Mr Democracy in what has been called the “Chinese enlightenment” period.

Euro Final: Wembley Eye-Witness Report

The NHS-app failed, and we were waved though. There were no gates and no Covid checks.

Roadblock lockdown

At the time of planning LTNs, councils had little or no evidence of the economic impact. How could they? There was no data available to base any decisions on.

Book Bites: “How To Avoid A Climate Disaster” by Bill Gates

Bill Gates offers little by way of explanation as to why people might choose the more expensive green alternative, implying that they might have to be imposed.

Biennale, tree finale

Designers who think they should “educate” the public are sorely mistaken. Designers must meet the public as active participants.