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The Bartlett Report: Anonymous accusations & recriminations

Unsubstantiated grudges, decades-old grievances, personal animosity, professional resentment and even calculated attacks are not healthy in any university.

Pu Miao: Traditional Chinese Modernism

A Dialogue Between Architecture and Landscape. Not for him the kind of traditionalist literalism or pastiche but a dynamic, context-driven architecture that respects tradition and yet moves it forward.

Now Is Good

Tim Firth’s first ever musical comedy, “Now is Good” is an original piece of writing that surprises at every turn.

Straight Line Crazy – A Review

Written by David Hare, directed by Nicholas Hytner, and starring Ralph Fiennes, recounts the life and times of controversial urbanist Robert Moses

Shanghai Lockdown: A photo-diary

These evocative photos by Zhu Runzi conjure up how Shanghai has changed from one of the world’s most dynamic cities into a ghost-town.

The importance of sovereignty

We cannot understand the war without looking at the role and influence of Western ideas and values… We have a stake in Ukraine whether we like it or not.

The problem with “Gender Bias”

… despite the survey also showing that 94% of respondents thought that “children should grow up to be whatever they want.”

Olympic Meddles

Brave investigative journalism is essential for our understanding of what is happening in China. Unfortunately, factual accuracy can be drowned out by emotionally attached storylines and guesswork.

Book Bites: “One Hundred Years of Identity Crisis” by Frank Furedi

Aristotle identified the problems of adolescence in Ancient Greece and their difficulty transitioning to adulthood, so there is something universal but also unique about the present era.

Not much COP

If it really is one minute to midnight, then we really are in trouble because COP26 has achieved absolutely nothing… except contributing to the problem of C02 emissions.


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