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Labour Live: Bread & Circuses

Strolling into the Labour Live event on Saturday, I had promised myself I wouldn’t be bullied into paying more than the discounted £10 tickets (down from £35 a few months ago). Read more…

China’s environmental transformation

by A Williams | 14 Jan 2018

In 1964, Chairman Mao sent out a decree that everyone – from the highest official to the lowliest peasant – should “Learn from Daqing”; this small frontier town in the frozen north-east (once known as Manchuria, bordering Mongolia and Russia) was the first Chinese oil-town. Read more…

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Book Review: After Europe by Ivan Krastev

by Tony Pierce | 8th September 2017

Ivan Krastev is a respected, left-wing intellectual and professor at Sofia University. He has written several pithy books, mainly about democracy. His commentaries are insightful, with colourful details Read more…

Book Review: The New Philistines by Sohrab Ahmari

by Joel Mills | 1st August 2017

The new philistinesAhmari packs his polemic with a pistol in his pocket, gunning for what he perceives as the art world’s ‘obsession with identity politics’ Read more…

Book Review: The Road to Somewhere by David Goodhart

By Justine Brian | 03 June 2017

The Road to Somewhere‘The Road to Somewhere’ is a sometimes brilliant, but ultimately frustrating and flawed, attempt to understand contemporary Western politics, Read more…

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We are a group of architects, designers, planners, artists & creatives brought together in the aftermath of the EU referendum.


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