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Book Bites: Peter Magyar’s Pen Zen Diaries

At its simplest, this book will teach you to draw and to learn from the process; with simple line studies and ink renderings. “Architects,” he says, “should aspire to reflect and invent the best of the present, and weigh its value in the future”.

Book Bites: Sennett’s ‘Building and Dwelling’

Anyone who thinks about the City and its relationship to people, should be interested in this book. It is complex in the same way that a city and its relationships to people is complex.

Library today, gone tomorrow

Situated on the south-western edge of Changsha city, alongside the Xiangjiang river is The Fragrant Golden Fields Estate that seemed to derive its name from its location near the ecologically-protected riverside walk

In China, you WILL be good

For 70 years, China has monitored society’s actions, it’s just that now it is considerably more technically proficient in doing so.

The World Cities Culture Report

The report recognises that revitalising and capitalising on a city’s cultural life plays out differently in vastly contrasting contexts.

Book Bites: Stoner by John Williams

Stoner has substance, gravity and it stays with you afterwards. What it reminds me of is the enchantment of the book and its suggestion that literature itself might be the best way of understanding life.