No-one Needs Architecture (or “Knowing Foucault”)

Austin Williams | 2 December 2010

Cidade da Cultura de Galicia is one of the largest projects of Peter Eisenman’s career. Conceived as an opportunistic attempt to attract cultural tourism and gratuitously to capitalise on the Bilbao effect, Eisenman has created what he calls a “magic mountain”, a 150,000m2 citadel, to express “the culture of Galicia, Spain, Europe, Latin America and the World”. Six new buildings have been cut into the landscape and arranged to reflect the historic memory of the place and its culture. Eisenman has even professed that they tap into ancient laylines. He states that it is a seminal project:”for years to come… people are going to love being here.”  To continue reading, click here



Author: austinwilliams

Austin Williams is the director of the Future Cities Project and author of a number of books on the environment and on China. The latest are "China's Urban Revolution" (Bloomsbury) and "New Chinese Architecture: Twenty Women Building the Future" (Thames and Hudson).

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