Critical Subjects:

Spring Architecture & Design School

Think critically, design differently

Judging panel

The following jurors will vet entry submissions. Speakers lists to follow:

Shelagh McNerney, Manchester City Council;
Professor Xing Ruan, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China;
Paul R Tang, principal, Paul Tang Architects, California;
Lee Mallett, director, Urbik;
Paul Finch, director, World Architecture Festival;
Paul Hyett, director, VickeryHyett & past-president of the Royal Institute of British Architects;
Azhar Azhar, founder, Azhar Architecture;
Darryl Chen, Urban Design lead, Hawkins Brown;
Piers Gough, founding director, CZWG;
Jonathan Glancey, architectural author/commentator;
Robert Adam, architect/writer;
Will Hunter, senior researcher, MIT & founder, London School of Architecture;
Ike Ijeh, head of Housing, Architecture & Urban Space, Policy Exchange;
Richard Woolf, director, McDaniel Woolf;
Bernhard Blauel, founder Blauel Architects;
Simhika Rao, associate director, HebHomes, Glasgow;
Rushabh Haria, Public Sector Reform, HM Treasury;
Penny Lewis, course leader, University of Dundee School of Architecture;
Alan Dunlop, director, Alan Dunlop Architect;
Alistair Donald, associate director, Academy of Ideas;
Zhanet Mishineva, project architect, Clive Chapman Architects;
Simon Allford, PRIBA & founder AHMM;
Xi Junjie, senior lecturer, University of Liverpool;
Alex Cameron, art director;
Kim Quazi, director, Arup;
Dr Chia-lin Chen, lecturer, Urban and Regional Planning Studies, Liverpool University;
Austin Williams, director, Future Cities Project;
Alex Lifschutz, director, Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands;
Paul Reeves, Manufacturing Simulation Technology;
Mark Iddon, founder, Urbanization Architects;
Stephen Smith, partner, Wright & Wright;
Patrik Schumacher, director, Zaha Hadid Architects;
Kim Quazi, director, Arup;
Glenn Howells, partner, Howells;
Jan Bowman, artist;
Andrew Nahum, principal curator of Technology and Engineering, The Science Museum;
Stefanie Schneider, UN Participatory Slum Upgrading Programme;
Nick Pocock, associate, Ashton Porter;
Rowan Morrice, senior architect, Stallan-Brand;
Benjamin Spaeth, professor of Digital Design, Technische Hochschule Lübeck;
Sarah Shuttleworth, development manager, Brockton Everlast.